Sophisticated – BAX Prestige Boots in brown

September 26, 2009


Getting ready for Fall?

Perfect timing as the BAX “Prestige” Boots are now available in 4 warm tones of brown,
customizable to your needs as you love it with the famous top options. Like with all BAX Prestige Boots, they include the new groundbreaking Fitting System and we provide free Fitting Service – Ask a Customer Service Representative or register your fitting request at the Service Terminal in our Main-store.

Designed to “Make your Legs Famous”

Note: pictures were not altered nor post processed

  • Color changeable Main Fabric —  choose between four color tones of brown: Chocolate, Cognac, Mocha and Camel.
  • Read about all features here

Come to Bax Coen main-store
Your new Boots are waiting to be served get your copy now to Make Your Legs Famous.

They have been blogged at Berry’s Blog

Your BAX Coen Designs Team

XstreetSL™ (shop online)-


In world –
Suggestion Box (main-store)
Service Terminal (main-store)

Off world-


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  1. […] The fitting parameters save once you leave FITTING mode of the “BAX Prestige Boots™” or use the ‘Say Fit’ function in the fitting menu, which will also give the fitting […]

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