BAX Prestige Suede Boots – out now

December 7, 2009

This time of the year we are in for the colorful and cozy:

BAX Prestige Suede Boots in  5 Variations with each 4 Shades Makes 20 colors in total!!
They truly are going to “Make your Legs Famous” and keep you warm in the cold days.

Whats New and Hot about them:
* Highly Realistic Suede Texture
* Color changable Main Fabric —  choose between 4 (four) color shades of
Blue Suede-    Night, Bohemian, Royal, Opal
Black Suede-  Coal, Dark Gray, Light Gray, Ivory
Brown Suede- Brown, copper, Sienna, Tan
Green Suede-  Hunter, Emerald, Olive, Myrtle
Purple Suede- Plum, Byzant, Purple, Pink

In the well known Bax Coen Designs quality.

Blog Coverage: JuicyBombTimeless Agency

Your Bax Coen Designs Team

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  1. […] of this is no news for you, but with the release of The “BAX Prestige Boots™” in suede a new tool was launched to make the fitting process even more convenient. In our […]

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