BAX Fitting Storage™ & BAX Service Terminal™

January 4, 2010

We at Bax Coen ™ Designs have an important goal and it’s satisfied customers. Bax Coen is a master in finding new ways to revolutionize your Second Life® experience while using our products. The latest introduced “BAX Prestige Boots™” are a multi-functional scripted high end product. Which is the first of it’s kind to adjust itself to fit your Second Life® avatar shape not the other way around and provides several styling options where every fashionista gets week in her knees.

All of this is no news for you, but with the release of The “BAX Prestige Boots™” in suede a new tool was launched to make the fitting process even more convenient. In our main-store where we provide the FREE fitting service we installed a storage device that keeps your fitting parameters. This means after your boots were fitted, your fitting parameters are kept for approximately a week and will be automatically sent to any new pair you buy and wear in the store for a one click fitting. On top of the first Welcome menu, you get another blue drop-down menu that will inform you that your fitting parameters’ were received by the “BAX Fitting Storage™” and ask you if you want to use them to fit your boots. All you need to do is click YES and your boots will be fitted magically without further ado. See screen-shots for better understanding.

NOTE: The fitting parameters save once you leave FITTING mode of the “BAX Prestige Boots™” or use the ‘Say Fit’ function in the fitting menu, which will also give the fitting parameters to you in chat.  If you want to receive them from the Fitting storage again, use the ‘Hear Fit’ function. In addition to being able to paste your fitting parameters in chat, you will get the drop-down menu asking you if you want to apply the saved fitting.

To sum it up: if you had a pair fitted at the Bax Coen™” main-store, wear the next pair you bought (like from a Fat Pack), wait for the blue drop-down menu to ask if you want to apply the stored fitting parameters and just click YES. If you have trouble please refer to a BAX Coen™” Customer Service Representative. Fitting Storage only works at Bax Coen™” Main-store. Without the Fitting Storage, you can still copy over the fit from one pair to another using the ‘Say Fit’/’Hear Fit’ Functions in the fitting menu where you copy and paste the fitting parameter text in chat.

How easy and convenient your Second Life® can be with Bax Coen™ Designs, also shows the second tool I would like to officially introduce. It has been up for quite a while now and is being used successfully well but since we are at it I think it’s a good idea to show the functionality of the “BAX Service Terminal ™” as well. We like to provide as much personal help as possible although it is just not manageable to have a customer service present 24/7 at our main-store. For this purpose we have the  “BAX Service Terminal™” which answers not only the common FAQ’s you might have but also has a function where you can register yourself for a FREE fitting or another service should you have a problem that needs to be discussed in person. It is fully menu controlled with a self explaining menu. Please see some screen-shots below for better understanding. We hope to see you soon again at Bax Coen™ Main-store.


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