Get your Candy… Bax Prestige Red Suede Boots

February 7, 2010

The BAX Prestige RED Suede Boots are out!!!
Hot as candy, sweet as cherry for all “Bax’s Boot Promotion and Updates” group members 50% Discount until Valentines Day ends. Just wear your Group tag to get the discount.

BAX Prestige RED Suede Boots come in
4 Lustrous brand new shades of red

Candy, strawberry, Dark Cherry and Wine

With all the great features only BAX Prestige Boots offer.
Designed to “Make your Legs Famous”
(The Boots texture was not altered nor post processed)

Members of our “Bax’s Boot Promotion and Updates” Group will receive a 50% Release discount until Valentines Day is over Feb. 14th Midnight 24:00 SLT. All you need to do is wear your Group tag in order to receive the discount.

Happy Valentines Day

sincerely your
Bax Coen Designs team

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XstreetSL (shop online)


In world –
Suggestion Box (main-store)
Service Terminal (main-store)

Off world-


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