It’s a Celebration!

March 29, 2010

BAX sim is now Open!

We proudly announce that the new Home and Headquarters of Bax Coen Designs is ready to open its doors. You are most welcome to pay the “BAX” sim a visit. See our new Main-store and Sim build and experience a considerably less laggy shopping experience 🙂

BAX Prestige Metallic Boots to be released

This will also be a chance to update your SL profile Picks and Landmarks, there is a good reason to do so as soon as possible as well:

We are about to release the BAX Prestige Metallic Boots in Gold and Silver shades.

Those shimmering new master pieces will be available for a reduced price for a limited time only to BAX Boot’s Promotion group members who have the new store location in their profile picks.

As you may know it takes up to 48 hours for  new picks to be recognized and updated by the system, so there is no time to waste. Update/add the Pick now, join our SL group in-world and get the discount when they are released on Tuesday, march 30th 2010.

sincerely your
Bax Coen Designs team
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