About Bax Coen

Designer Bax Coen has been making Boots since 2 weeks after joining SL in early 2007. Her original BAX Boots have been a tremendous success,  praised as SL’s best boots by many. Featuring sleek and sexy looks and the first high quality Walk sounds in SL. She has taken it to the next level with the BAX Ankle boots, featuring highly realistic, detailed looks, scripted color change parts and script-assisted fitting and resizing.

Bax Gaus512

In 2008,  Julia Merosi joined the brand as Co-Designer to expand the product offerings with her line of BAX Accessories, complementing the boots. To be able to focus on creating new Products she asked long time supporter and friend SerinaJane Loon to become the official Bax Ambassador/ Managing Director of the company. Together with a handful long time Customer Service Representatives under the lead of Eve ParnallCustomer Service Head the professional and obliging service has become the flagship of Bax Coen designs.  to the fullest her goal is to continue making the best boots in SL, fashionable and timeless with innovative features, catering to a wide range of boot lover’s needs.


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