Bax Ankle Boots help

BAX Ankle Boots Help

To get the menu for all the options, click on a boot. If you are in an area that has no scripts allowed while you put on the boots, the menu, will not work until you first enter an area where scripts are allowed.

Scroll down in this note to find the following Chapters:

— Fitting                  – How to fit the boots for thick/thin/short/long legs
— Top Options        – How to show/hide the boot’s lace top or fur flaps
— Color Change      – How to set the colors for the boot’s parts
— Custom Color      – How to set even more colors, any color 🙂 to the boot’s parts
— Walk Sound         – How to turn on/off the walk sound and set the sound speed
— AO                        – How to turn on/off the walk AO
— Fixed Feet            – How to control the movement of the feet
— Useful Tips          – How to make it all easier and more fun
— Troubleshooting – What to do if something goes wrong


See the separate note on Fitting view Bax Ankle Boots Fitting Guide

Top Options

To show the Fur Flaps or Lace top, choose a texture or color in [ Top Opts..] or [ Top Opts.. -> Lace…]. To hide them click [ Top Opts.. -> None ].

Color Change

02In the menu [ Colors… ], click the button for the part of the boot you want to change. You can change the shade of the main fabric with [Colors… -> Main…] , then all parts that are set to ‘Main’ color change along with that. Likewise the parts that are set to ‘Metal’ change to silver or gold with the  menu buttons [Metal Silver] and [Metal Gold].

The Heel has 4 parts that can be changed. These are (from top to bottom) Heel Trim (H1), Heel Top (H2), Heel Shaft (H3) and Heel Tip (H4).

For the heel, There are 3 menu pages with 2 colors each that can be accessed with the [ Next >> ] and [ << Prev ] buttons.

You can set the Eyelets to multiple different colors using [ Color Opts.. -> Eyelets.. -> E Mixed ].

To reset all parts to the default colors, click [ Colors.. -> ResetColors ].

Custom Color

You can set a custom color for the color change parts except the main color. For this you need to first know the color RGB numbers you want to use. These are the Red/Green/Blue levels ranging from 0 to 255 as they are seen in the color chooser window of the SL viewer (see the ‘Useful Tips’ Section on how to get a handy color picker program that lets you pick the colors direct from the SL Viewer window). To set the color, click [ Colors… -> Set Custom ] and enter in chat the 3 numbers, seperated by spaces, for instance “0 255 255” for a cyan color.

Clicking a part’s custom color button, eg [ Colors… -> Tip… -> T Custom ] changes that part to the set color. If you set another custom color after that, the parts will not change until you click a part’s custom color button again.  This allows you to even set individual parts to different custom colors.  With [ Colors.. -> All Custom ], you set all changable parts at once, except for the  Fur flaps or lace top which, has to set seperately with [ Top Opts.. ] -> [ Fur Custom ] or [ Top Opts.. ] -> [ Lace…] -> [ Lace Custom ].

Walk Sound

Set the walk sound volume level in the menu [ Volume 20 ] .. [ Volume 100 ]. To turn off the walk sound, click [ Sound Off ] . Please be respectful of others and turn the volume down or off where it may disturb others, for example at concerts.

If you use any of the built-in AO walks of the boots, the sound speed will automatically be matched to the walk pace.  If you use another walk AO, you can set the walk sound to different speeds to match. The numbers on the buttons in [ SoundPace.. ] represent steps per minute.


The boots have a walk replacer AO built in.  Turn on the AO in the menu by choosing the walk [ Walks/Feet.. ->  Sexy Walk/Female Walk ] or turn it off when you use another AO device for walks [ Walks/Feet.. -> AO Off ].

Fixed Feet

Per default, the feet will be made to not move independently from the legs, except when walking or running.  This will prevent unnaturally twisted or overbent feet in poses or animations. To allow free movement of the feet, enable it with [ Walks/Feet.. -> Free Feet ], to fix the feet, use . [ Walks/Feet.. -> Fix Feet ]

Useful Tips

– To find the color values for a custom color, you can use a Color Picker Program to get them directly by pointing with your mouse on a part in the SL Viewer window.  There is a free program for PCs at http://www.allgraphicstools.com/ , under ‘Free HTML Color Picker, direct link: http://www.allgraphicstools.com/colorpicker.exe . On a Mac, you can use the included Application ‘DigitalColor Meter’, located in Applications/Utilities, you need to set the format to ‘RGB As Actual Value 8-bit’ . Pick a color on your outfit thats not in a shadow and use the numbers to set the custom color of the boots.

– You can copy the boots in your inventory and each copy will keep its colors and other settings when you wear them again.  So you can store a copy of matching boots in the folder for an outfit after you set up the colors.

– If you like to go crazy with the colors, you can even make left and right boots with different colors by setting up two copies with different colors and then wear the parts of one copy on the left leg and from the other copy on the right.


The boot’s scripts have been thoroughly tested and should give no problems under normal conditions.  If a script crashes due to SL issues or whatever reason you can use another copy of the boots in your inventory that still works.  If you cannot do that and get a message asking you to reset scripts, or for any other issues, you can come to the Bax Boots Store or IM Bax Coen for help or a replacement.


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