Bax Ankle Boots fitting

BAX Ankle Boots fitting

The boots are made to fit size 0 feet and the leg parts will fit most shapes out of the box.  You need to adjust only if the legs show through at the top (shape has more thickness) or if the  boots are too big for thinner legs (shape has less thickness).

– Auto Adjust (position of the leg parts)

On first wearing, the leg parts will adjust their position on the legs to the height of the AV body.  If you change to a different shape later, do the adjustment again in the menu [ Fitting/Help -> Fitting.. -> Auto Adjust ].

– Leg part size

01To check the leg part’s fit, don’t wear any long pants and look at the top end of the boots.

If the legs show through or there is too much space between boot and leg, you can enlarge or scale down the leg parts via the menu [ More.. -> Fitting.. -> Size +/- 1/5 ]. Each step takes about 20 seconds to process, wait until the menu reappears. ‘Reset Size’ resets the leg parts to a standard size .

– Manual positioning of the leg parts

To make fine adjustments to the leg part position, first make a copy of all of the boot’s parts into another folder to be safe in case you need to start over. Using the fitting pose of the menu [ Fitting/Help -> Fitting.. -> Fitting Pose ], 10 pairs of eyelets/lace holes should be seen then, equally spaced like in this picture.

To adjust,  right-click the upper part and choose ‘edit’, then move it using the colored arrows, close the edit window when finished. Never move the lower part attached to the foot. When done adjusting, take off all the boot parts and wait 10 seconds until wearing them again to allow SL to store it in the asset server.


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