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We have our own Domain!

July 21, 2010

please visit:

For news, updates, information and your daily dose of Bax Coen Designs.
See you there!

Your Bax Coen Designs Team


It’s a Celebration!

March 29, 2010

BAX sim is now Open!

We proudly announce that the new Home and Headquarters of Bax Coen Designs is ready to open its doors. You are most welcome to pay the “BAX” sim a visit. See our new Main-store and Sim build and experience a considerably less laggy shopping experience 🙂

BAX Prestige Metallic Boots to be released

This will also be a chance to update your SL profile Picks and Landmarks, there is a good reason to do so as soon as possible as well: Read the rest of this entry ?


UPDATE BAX Prestige Black & White Leather

January 18, 2010

Time to make the Update for the BAX Prestige Black and White Leather Boots official. With the Release of the Bax Prestige Suede Boots December 13. 2009 We also gave the Black and White Leather Boots an Update.
If you bought your copy BEFORE Dec.
Come to the main-store now and get your FREE Update.

Whats New:  Choose between 3 color shades:
* Black Leather: Dark , Shiny and Classic
* White Leather: White, Off White and Pink

Your BAX Coen Designs Team
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BAX Fitting Storage™ & BAX Service Terminal™

January 4, 2010

We at Bax Coen ™ Designs have an important goal and it’s satisfied customers. Bax Coen is a master in finding new ways to revolutionize your Second Life® experience while using our products. The latest introduced “BAX Prestige Boots™” are a multi-functional scripted high end product. Which is the first of it’s kind to adjust itself to fit your Second Life® avatar shape not the other way around and provides several styling options where every fashionista gets week in her knees.

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BAX Prestige Suede Boots – out now

December 7, 2009

This time of the year we are in for the colorful and cozy:

BAX Prestige Suede Boots in  5 Variations with each 4 Shades Makes 20 colors in total!!
They truly are going to “Make your Legs Famous” and keep you warm in the cold days.

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Debugged your Level-Of-Detail?

September 9, 2009

RenderVol-1I’m sure many of you already know about this issue, but I am also sure that many don’t. Since the release of Bax Prestige Boots, they have been blogged quite a few times. Thank you very much for that :). But in many of the Blog pictures that show Bax Prestige Boots, we recognized lines on them between the foot and calf part. Of course we immediately investigated on that, the result was that the pictures were taken with the camera moved away and then zooming in with ctrl+0, witch is  perfectly right. Though zooming in closely requires also to Debug your RenderVolumeLODFactor in your personal SL™ viewer settings. This issue is not new, but it seems that now it has become even more important, even with all settings on ULTRA you may experience that your sculpties are somehow borked, thanks to the default Level-Of-Detail settings. Sometimes less, sometimes more obvious. So we thought it definitely wouldn’t hurt to draw some attention on this matter, as it is a very common issue with an easy fix.

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