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Sophisticated – BAX Prestige Boots in brown

September 26, 2009


Getting ready for Fall?

Perfect timing as the BAX “Prestige” Boots are now available in 4 warm tones of brown,
customizable to your needs as you love it with the famous top options. Like with all BAX Prestige Boots, they include the new groundbreaking Fitting System and we provide free Fitting Service – Ask a Customer Service Representative or register your fitting request at the Service Terminal in our Main-store.

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‘Prestige’ in delicous Red!

September 4, 2009

New color(s) for the highly acclaimed latest Release of Bax Coen Boots:

The ‘Prestige’ in delicious Red!

Bax Coen has started another revolution with “Prestige”!
Highly detailed in textures and sculpting, now available in four shades of Red,
customizable to your needs as you love it with the famous top
options and the newly introduced groundbreaking Fitting System.
They truly are going to “Make your Legs Famous”

Whats New and Hot about them:

  • Color changeable Main Fabric —  choose between 4 (four) color shades of Red:
    Fire, Maroon, Burgundy and Grape
  • Read about the other great features here and see them in Black and white

Come to Bax Coen main-store
Your new Boots are waiting to be served get your copy now to Make Your Legs Famous.

They have been blogged over at Timeless Agency and Photographing SL

Your BAX Coen Designs Team

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New Release – Bax Prestige Boots

August 10, 2009

Finally They are Here: The Long anticipated latest Release of Bax Coen Boots: Prestige!

Bax Coen starts another revolution with “Prestige”! If you love Bax Boots you will adore the Prestige Boots. Highly detailed in textures and sculpting, available in white and black,
they are customizable to your needs as you know and love it with new top options and a clever, easy to use Menu System.
They truly are going to “Make your Legs famous”
See attached picture for a first Look (The Boots texture was not altered nor post processed)

Whats New and Hot about them:

  • SL’s most advanced fitting system, fully script based with auto fit and guided easy menus, no conventional editing required.
  • Change width and length independently and have the best fitted boots ever, irrespective of your appearance
  • Highly efficient low-lag scripts that can easily be removed for zero script lag and being prepared for the upcoming attachment script limits
  • Remote control – have your boots fitted and customized by us fitted while you wear them
  • No redundant items for different sizes or options. No headaches figuring out what to wear in the folder – just wear whats there and go
  • Customization of: metal parts, zipper, heel, sole and tip in menu color options and custom color
  • 4 in 1 Top options calf lengths, Over knee, folded down and rolled jeans


Come to Bax Coen headquarters your new Boots are waiting to be served get your copy now to Make Your Legs Famous.

They are Blogged over at Timeless Agency and at  A Passion for Virtual Passion

Your BAX Coen designs Team


Suggestion Box @ Bax Coen Headquarters


Bax Coen On cover of DejaVu Intl.

June 28, 2009

3662479374_da6f30ca27Check out the current Issue of Deja Vu International magazine as you will find Bax Coen on the cover as well as a fashion spread along with an Interview featuring  the Boots Tycoon. Get to know her and see the beautiful pictures taken by Cicciuzzo Gausman a master in SL’s Phtography as you will find.  The best thing is yet to come: you get a sneak peak of the brand new Boots that Bax Coen is working on right now and witch are soon to be released, hold your horses I said soon! eheh There you have something to look forward too, to make sure you join our Updates group either the regular in world type or if you don’t have group space a Hippo group is available to your convenience. Enjoy reading and stay tuned for more fashion fabulousness.

SerinaJane Loon
Bax Coen managing Director


New release at Bax Accessories “hair Nathalie”

June 3, 2009

!Bax acessories - hair nathalie with color exmaples mockup

BAX Accessories Hair Nathalie
Do you need new hair for summer? Are you looking for something special, that not everyone else has? Check out the new BAX Nathalie Hair. Sporty, elegant, and classic, an everyday style with a diamond studded headband – both band and diamonds have full color change features! Four color packs are available, with four colors in each pack.
* Color changing Diamonds and Headband
* Set glow intensity for more, less or no sparkling
* Copiable and Modify

See you at Bax Coen designs Main store

See the Bax Accessories hair Nathalie featured at:

Jucybomb Blog , Timeless Agency Blog


Newness at Bax Accessories Line

May 17, 2009



The beautifully detailed Pearl Collection comes complete with Earrings, Necklace and two Bracelets. If you are looking for something elegant for the ballroom, as well as something which you can wear everyday with any dress or outfit, consider these classic pearls which come with all the color change options you expect from Bax Accessories. Can’t find the color you want? No Problem! The Bax Pearl Collection has a custom color option. The metal parts are changeable to silver and gold, and you have also the option to set the glow intensity for a small sparkling effect. Simply ravishing!
Scripted resize for easy fitting. Also the set is copyable so you can store your Set with your favorite Outfit.



Inspired by a perfect sunset… and thoughts with an indian summer: BAX INDIAN SUMMER…or Boho Collection 2 for anyone who asked for that, here it is 🙂

The set includes necklace and earrings, carefully crafted with three kinds of beads, stone and string, all with color change and custom color options. The metal parts can be changed to gold or silver.  With endless combinations, Bax Indian Summer Collection will add a splash of color to any ensemble. The collection has scripted resize for easy fitting and is copyable so you can store your Set with your favorite Outfit.

Pictures Zoe Demar for Timeless Agency

Head over to BAX Coen mainstore now.