Bax ‘Prestige’ fitting

BAX Prestige Boots Fitting Help

The BAX Prestige Boots feature a revolutionary, advanced fitting system which allows you to fit the Boots completely menu-driven without editing skills required to achieve a perfect fit, regardless of your legs length or width or any other shape characteristics (if your avatar resembles a human form).
You can also visit the Bax Coen Designs Mainstore and have your Boots fitted with remote control when one of our Customer Service Reps is present.

How to fit Your  BAX Prestige Boots


The fitting is done in 4 Menus. You may have to go back and forth to achieve the best fitting, but as a guide, follow the order of the menus to get it done in the best way. Both Boots will adjust in sync, so you effectively you only have to adjust one leg and on most shapes it can be done in less than a minute.

After clicking on the Boots, click the the [Fitting..] Button in the Main Menu.

Your Avatar will freeze into the fitting Pose, this works even with an AO enabled, but then some twitching might occur. To stop that, disable your AO. Also, the Boots will take on a grey texture in order to see the base shoes on your avatar’s legs better where it shows through and the right avatar foot will be visible to adjust the height of the boot accordingly. You can get out of the fitting Mode by just moving your avatar.

1. Step: Auto Fit

Click [Auto Fit..]  for the Auto Fit Menu. Use Auto Fit as a fresh start when wearing the boots for the first time or after changing your shape.
Be sure to wear all parts in the Boot’s folder (the Base Shoes and both leg and foot attachments).
Click [Auto Fit] and the boots will adjust to your height and leg length.  If your Avatar Feet are bigger than female size 0, Use [AV Foot+] until the left foot is completely hidden.

2. Step: Rotation

Click on  [> Rotation..] to advance to the Rotation Menu.

If the Boots are not in line with the legs (when your legs are not straight), use the buttons to rotate/move them until they are in parallel and centered on the legs. [ROTATE xx] (in CAPS) changes in bigger steps, [rotate xx] in smaller steps.

3. Step: Position/Size

Click on [> Pos/Siz..] to .advance to the Position/Size Menu.
Adjust Position/Width/Length until the Boot Top just covers the Base Shoe Top on your leg and the Heel Tip is as high above the ground as the Base Shoe Heel Tip on the right foot. Watch the boot top and try to achieve as little gaps on all sides as possible. If some of the Base Shoe shows through on Legs with bigger muscles, that can be dealt with in the final step. If no parts of the base shoe is showing through, you are done with fitting, close the menu and move your avatar to get out of fitting mode and on with your Second Life™.

4. (final Step) Invisiprim

Click on [> Invisi..] to advance to the Invisiprim Menu.
if you have some of the base shoe showing through on the middle of the boots, you can cover that using the Invisiprim. It is a special prim that hides avatar parts, like spots of the legs that might be left to see on the back of the boots. This InvisiPrim is turned off by default, click on [i ON] to turn it on. If the menu has all the buttons, the invisiprim is already on and you can turn it off using [iOFF]. Move and resize the invisiprim to just cover the leftover spots.  While the Invisiprim is moving or resizing it will turn visible (yellow) briefly so you can better see it. You will want to have the invisiprim as small as possible because it has the unwanted effect of also making any textures with transparency invisible.

Additional Features



Use [Revert] in the Fitting Menu to revert any changes you made to the Boot’s fit after wearing them, reverting to the fit they had when you last wore them.

Say Fit/ Hear Fit

You can have the Boots ‘say’ their fitting parameters in chat by clicking the [Say Fit] Button.  A line will appear in chat that you can copy to save it in a notecard.  This text line can be used to apply the fitting to a new pair of BAX Prestige Boots.  In the Fitting Menu of the new Boots, click [Hear Fit] and paste that text line into the chat window and press Enter.



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